Best Golf Grip Review & Guides 2020

best golf grip reviews 2020
best golf grip reviews 2020

What is a golf grip?

A golf grip is the handle of the golf club and the area that a player holds when they make a swing. Golf grips are an important part of the golf club and are needed to make a consistent golf swing.

What are golf grips made of?

The majority of golf grips are made from rubber or a rubber synthetic material. The rubber and rubber synthetics are used because of their durability and comfortable feel in the hands.

Cord golf grips are made with rubber or synthetic rubber with the addition of cotton strings running vertically through the grip for a rougher texture. The cord style will give you even more grip than those without cord.

Grip sizes:

Golf grips for woods, irons, and wedges come in different sizes to fit varying golfer preferences. There are five common golf grip sizes, undersize, standard, midsize, oversize, and jumbo.

When referring to grip size, this is a measurement of the outside layer of the grip. People with smaller hands will benefit from using undersize grips while people with larger hands would benefit more from a midsize.

The size of a grip is based mostly on preference but there are sizing charts available online that can help lead you to the best choice for you.

Putter grips:

Considering you aren’t making a full swing with a putter, a putter grip will be larger and a much different shape than a standard grip. Putter grips will typically have a flat frontside in order to help the player control the clubface for the entire putting stroke.

Choosing a putter grip is based on preference and feel because some players feel like they have more control with a slimmer putter grip while others may feel better with a jumbo grip. Putter grips are offered in numerous sizes and shapes so be sure to try a few different styles before you decide which is best for.

Most players will find that their putting improves with a larger grip. The benefits of a larger grip include, less wrist movement through the putting stroke, less small muscles being used for a more consistent ball roll, and it promotes a tension free stroke.

Best Golf Grips

#1 Golf Pride Tour Velvet

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The Tour Velvet grip from Golf Pride is made from 100% rubber and has been one of the most popular grips in the game of golf for years. As the name suggests, these are a soft feeling grip with a non-slip texture throughout the entire grip for extra feel.

The Tour Velvet grips are offered in painting companies near my location and in every size which makes them a great option for any golfer. These are high performing, long lasting grips that will perform in all golf conditions.

#2 Golf Pride MCC Plus4 New Decade MultiCompound

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The MCC Plus4 New Decade Multicompound golf grip is made up of two different popular grip materials with the top of the grip being made up of cotton cord and rubber and the bottom being made up of a soft rubber. This grip is 4.6% larger in the bottom hand which makes for less tension throughout the swing.

Having a grip that reduces tension during the golf swing will allow the player to be more accurate and powerful. This grip is offered in numerous sizes and also several different color options to fit any player.

Golf Pride Tour Wrap 2G

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The Golf Pride Tour Wrap 2G golf grip has been designed to have the look and feel of luxury leather while being made of a long lasting rubber. This is the tackiest grip that Golf Pride offers which makes it a great choice for golfers who have been searching for that extra strong grip.

The Tour Wrap is a one piece grip that looks like a single piece of tape has been wrapped all the way up the handle of the club. This grip model is offered in every size and is available in numerous color options.

#4 Winn DriTac

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The DriTac is Winn’s most popular golf grip model because of the polymer material which offers a far softer feel than a traditional golf grip and makes them top performers in the nonslip category. The pattern on this model has been scientifically engineered to perform in all weather conditions.

Since the DriTac grip has a cushioned feel, it dampens and absorbs the shock that occurs when the ball is struck. These grips are offered in all sizes and feature several different color options in order to satisfy all players. If you’re a fan of a softer golf grip, than the DriTac may be the best option for you.

#5 Winn Excel Wrap

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The Excel grip from Winn is one of their all time best sellers because of its soft comfort feel and tackiness. If you’re a golfer that prefers a soft grip over a firm grip, look no further than the Winn Excel.

Similar to the Winn DriTac, the Excel grip offers a considerable amount of shock absorption during a shot because of its softness. This grip is offered in several different sizes and color options in order to suit the players who are looking for a soft grip.

Best Putter Grips

#1 SuperStroke CounterCore

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SuperStroke is the biggest name in the putter grip game because of their technologically advanced grips that are larger than traditional putter grips. As far as technology goes, the SuperStroke CounterCore is the most advanced grip of all time because of the adjustable weight within the core of the grip.

A combination of the new adjustable weight and an advanced no taper design allows for a proper pendulum putting motion and even grip pressure throughout the grip. This grip is offered in several sizes and color options.  

#2 SuperStroke Slim 3.0

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The SuperStroke Slim 3.0 is the most popular putter grip ever produced by SuperStroke and has been used by numerous players on the PGA Tour. This grip has a non-tapered design which promotes even grip pressure throughout the putting stroke. 

This grip combines a light-weight foam under a high tech PU material which offers a top notch weight distribution and tacky feel. The Slim 3.0 grip has a 1.30” diameter and is offered in several color options.

#3 Golf Pride Ping Man

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One of Golf Pride’s most popular putter grips is the Ping Man putter grip which has been a favorite of many golfers including Tiger Woods. The Ping Man is a slim putter grip that has been made for players who prefer a traditional putter grip instead of the oversize grip that has become popular recently.

The Ping Man grip is one of the most simple and traditional designs that you can find for a putter grip because of its traditional tapered design and all black rubber style. This grip is offered in one size and two simple designs.

#4 Winn DriTac Midsize Pistol

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The Winn DriTac pistol grip brings the soft and comfortable feel of their standard grips to your putter. This grip is made from Winn’s soft rubber and features a small texture throughout the entire length of the grip.

A pistol grip is one of the most popular style of putter grips in the game of golf and it gets its name because it resembles an actual pistol grip with a protuberance on the back and a slim bottom in order to fit the players hand. This midsize grip is offered in black and several other color options.

#5 SuperStroke Fatso 5.0

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The SuperStroke Fatso 5.0 is one of the largest putter grips you can find with a diameter of 1.67”. For golfers who prefer a large grip, the Fatso 5.0 could be the one for you.

The non-taper design allows for even grip pressure from top to bottom and relieves tension in the arms to create a smoother putting stroke. This is the largest grip that SuperStroke offers and it’s available in numerous color options. 


How do you know when to replace golf grips?

An avid golfer can go through a set of golf grips in a couple of seasons. You can tell when it’s time to replace a grip when the grip has become smooth or when it becomes frayed.

A rubber or synthetic rubber grip will become worn down after a while in the areas where the player holds the club. This wear can also occur from moving the clubs in and out of the golf bag.

Not only can they become smooth and worn down, they can also fray and tear. If you see one of your grips tearing at the end, you know it’s time to replace it.

Because of the cotton in the cord grips, these grips will fray after a long time of use. You’ll notice the cotton strands coming out of the grip which and it means it’s no longer as effective as it should be.

How do you remove worn golf grips?

If you’re hoping to take the grip off of a golf club, you will simply need a sharp object like a box cutter to cut the grip vertically. Once the grip has been sliced all the way down, you should be able to peel it off easily.

Once the grip is completely off, you will be left with the old gripping tape. This can usually be removed by hand but you may want to use a scraper.

Be careful not to cut into a graphite shaft when taking the grip off. It’s easy to cut through the grip and tape which could result in scratching or even cutting the outer layer of the shaft.

How do you put on a new golf grip?

Putting a grip on a golf club is a pretty simple process and will only take a couple of minutes per grip. You will need a bare golf club, a grip, gripping tape, mineral spirits, and a vice to hold the club in place.

First, a grip sized piece of gripping tape is placed on the handle of the golf club in the place where the grip will lay. This is a strong tape that has been designed to hold the grip to the shaft of the club for the lifetime of the grip.

Next, mineral spirits should be sprayed on the tape and on the inside of the grip. Mineral spirits is a quick drying solvent that will lubricate the club, making the grip slide on easily.

Quickly after the solvent is applied to the tape and the grip, slide the grip onto the shaft of the club in one quick motion. Make sure that the grip has slid all the way onto the shaft of the club.

The mineral spirits will dry quickly so you need to adjust your grips to the place you want it to be as soon as the grip is on.

Can golf grips be removed and reused?

Although it’s not a common process, golf grips can be removed and reused. In order to remove a golf grip, you can blow it off using an air compressor and it will then be ready to be put back on any other club of your choice.

Will getting new golf grips improve my game?

Golf grips play an important role in a good golf swing because they are the only point of contact between you and the golf club. Grips that are worn out will no longer be effective in keeping your hands in place throughout the swing.

WOrn out grips can cause you to add too much pressure to the club in order to keep the grip from sliding around in your hands. By putting new grips on your club, you will notice a decrease of the club moving in your hand during the swing and you’ll be able to apply proper light pressure.

What golf grips do professionals use?

Like every other aspect of the game, professionals will use different golf grips from one another based on their individual preferences. The most common grip on the PGA Tour is Golf Pride with about 80% of players using them.

Is there a benefit to oversize or jumbo golf grips on irons?

Oversized golf grips are not common but they do offer some benefits to players that decide to use them. This type of grip will reduce hand tension which will result in a smoother swing.

How do I determine which size grip is best for me?

Grip size is mostly based on preference but measuring the size of your hand can point you towards the best grip for you. The measurement is based on the point where your hand meets your wrist to the tip of your middle finger.

If it’s less than seven inches, an undersize grip might be the best choice for you. If the measurement is 7-8 ¾ inches, a standard grip would fit best in your hands. A midsize grip would best fit a hand that measures 8 ¼ – 9 ¼ and anyone over 9 ¼ should consider oversized or jumbo grips.

Can golf grips improve my accuracy?

Golf grips can improve your accuracy and consistency because of the designs that are included on the grip. For example, Golf Pride grips will have the words “Golf Pride” printed vertically at the end of the grip which allows the player to set their hands up exactly the same each time which will make the player more consistent and accurate.

What are Align Grips from Golf Pride?

The name Align comes from a small ridge that slightly protrudes from the golf grip once it’s put on the club. This ridge will run up the backside of the golf club and rests in the players fingers.

Golf Pride Align grips are some of the most advanced grips offered to golfers today because it allows people to have the same grip everytime they grab the club. By having the same grip everytime, you will become more aware of the direction of your clubface and you will be much more consistent.

Golf Pride offers the Align technology in several different grip models, sizes, and colors.


Before you head out to the golf course, check the condition of your golf grips. If they are noticeably worn and don’t offer the same tackiness that they used to, it’s probably time to get new grips.

Getting your hands on some new golf grips that fit you properly can make a big difference in the feel and tension of your swing and might even lower your scores. I hope you’re able to use the information above to determine which size and grip style is the best fit for your golf game.